grow up

So why can’t we have a president who addreses the nation and tells the public to grow up and accept the fact we need nuclear power.  What we need is to have such an announcement with a plan to transform personal transportation to electrical powered.    Make it a ten year plan:  all personal and public transportation will be electrically powered and we will build enough nuclear,  upgrade and expand Hydroelectric, and up grade transmission lines to get us there.   Energy crisis over.


What of the waste?   Well shouldn’t we be in the forefront of that technology rather than Sweden or France or India or Pakistan or … Iran or North Korea?


Grow up  and stop pretending that expensive, inefficient, economically wasteful “renewable” energy sources have a prayer of solving the energy crisis!

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One thought on “grow up

  1. mike

    This blog has lapsed?
    I want to respond to a note you put on a Watts/Monckton post this week, but that site won’t let me.

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